Next Generation Inflator

Designed specifically for and in cooperation with Therm-a-rest, this new generation pump incorporates updated technology to address things we have learned from customer feedback.

This design has a two stage pump that increases the pressure by 50% over the previous design without sacrificing any battery life.   This results in a firmer mattress for people that need more firmness. It also allows for deflating as well as inflating, a feature that was often requested.   This was all packaged into a smaller pump with even lower weight. The battery access has been simplified and is easier to work with. All of this results in a better customer experience.


This pump was designed specifically for the latest generation Therm-a-rest pads with the new Winglock and Twinlock valves. It simply slides onto the valves and locks into place.

One limitation of the Camp-Tek inflator’s convenient design: it was incompatible with legacy Therm-a-rest mattress valves and other brands of mattress valve types. To solve this, we include an adapter kit. A flexible adapter inserts into the Micro pump and allows it to be used with legacy Therm-a-rest mattress valves as well as most other screw type valves from a wide variety of vendors.


Some manufacturers have started using recessed valves that don’t simply slide into the flexible adapter. For these valves the adapter kit includes specially designed adapters that will convert these to be compatible with the flexible adapter. One of the adapters is specifically designed to fit the current big Big Agnes valve, which is quite different from others. The other adapter is more universal and fits Exped UL, Nemo, and other similar valves that are close to this size. The universal adapter kit opens the option of using this pump with a wide variety of mattress types, so you are no longer limited to only the new Therm-a-rest valves.

In addition to accommodating a wider range of applications, this kit also allows a group of hikers with a variety of mattress types to all share one pump, lowering the distributed weight to extremely low levels. Camp-Tek is always looking for better ways to support the Backpacking Community and we are excited to be able to offer this new level of performance in battery powered mattress inflation.

Flexible silicon adapter enables the Micro Pump to connect with screw type external valves. 

For recessed valves the additional adapter can be added to fit the valve type.